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    Innovative Self Help Workshops from Neuro-Training.

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    Innovative Self Help Workshops from Neuro-Training.

    Neuro-Training is concerned with the self-help education of as many people as will benefit We have a specific range of workshops designed to help you help yourself, family and friends.

    We have two different types of approaches, which are found in the Innate Systems workshops and the Specific Skills Workshops. These are all ’one day’, workshops that can be used in conjunction with each other to produce a variety of effects in stimulating recuperation.

    Innate Systems Workshops

    In the Innate Systems Workshops are ways to stimulate the systems that govern how you recuperate and stay well. Because there are many systems in our bodies, we have currently six workshops that cover a range of the most important systems.

    All the techniques are easy to learn and have been proven over decades of use. They can be taken in any order and need no prerequisite training.
    • Energy LiftEnergy Lift

      This workshop uses a set of reflexes discovered by Dr. Chapman, which are used to stimulate the flow of lymph in specific areas of the body. These have been used in many health modalities such as Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Oesteopathy and others.

      In this course you learn how to use these reflex points in an order that stimulates the circulation of lymph and energy to remove the blocked drainage system in your body, which then allows your tissues to recuperate faster and more efficiently.
    • Clear EnergyClear Energy

      This is based on a set of reflexes found by Dr Terrence Bennet. These are to stimulate the flow of arterial blood to different specific parts of the body. With the increased blood flow comes more nutrients for the organs and glands to recuperate with.

      Set out in an easy to use format, this system creates a relaxed and secure feeling in the person, which allows for faster recuperation.

    • Freeing the WayFreeing the Way

      In this workshop you learn how to stimulate the flow of energy around and through your body. It uses the ancient Chinese knowledge of energy pathways known as ’meridians’. Along with learning the direction of flow of the energy you will discover some remarkable sensations as to where you are ’stopping’ the flow.

      Encouraging the energy to flow speeds up recuperation to a point where you can adapt to change easier and more efficiently. This has a strengthening effect and people find that after a small time of practicing the stimulation of this system, they become physically stronger yet more relaxed.
    • Connecting the FlowConnecting the Flow

      As the name suggests, this is a training to identify how to stimulate the flow of energy along the meridians but in a specific way. This technique has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years with consistent positive results. This was given to patients of the old masters as homework so they could come to the doctors less. It was practiced as a preventative technique in areas of low economic development and in many areas has been forgotten.

      This workshop revives this ancient technique and gives you a simple and powerful tool for stimulating the energy to work better. It works with the beginning and ends of the meridians in a way to stimulate and regulate the energy efficiency.
    • Inner WisdomInner Wisdom

      This workshop highlights a very special set of reflexes developed by Dr. Alan Beardall. They are related to a very deep acting system in our bodies called the visceral system. The viscera hold together all the organs and glands and help them maintain their proper shape, position and functions.

      Because of their basic relationship to functions they are also the closest to the genetic references we use to maintain function. So these can tell us about inherited weaknesses and give us the opportunity to overcome and retrain those weaknesses into strong, healthy, active organs again.

      This workshop covers three sets of reflexes that all work together but can be used independently as well to improve recuperation.
    • Life InsightLife Insight

      Most of the other Innate System workshops cover more physical reflexes. This one is dealing very much with the perceptions we entertain that cause conflict in our mental operations.

      It teaches a simple but powerful technique that retrains the brain’s basic functions and stimulates the nine intelligences. This will give your brain a new way of working and helps overcome stress of various sorts. This is one of the best ways of changing the misperceptions of life.

      This workshop may release many unexpressed and trapped emotions as a part of the brain’s reorganization. This leaves the brain clear and able to think better. For this reason, this is one of the corporate area’s favourite Innate Systems.
    Specific Skills Workshops

    The Specific Skills Workshops provide you with a set of techniques that you can ’mix and match’ to suit your own personal situation. These are designed to retrain the nervous system to be able to overcome more specific challenges in life.

    Aimed at helping people get over the limitations they have and be able to change their ability to recuperate.

    • Feed the Glands

      The first of these workshops is called "Feed the Glands - not the stress". It is a set of different modules of techniques that help balance and regulate the Adrenal Gland Function. It contains a module on regulating the function of the adrenal glands, a module on regulating the secretions fro the adrenal glands and a module for balancing the sugar balance in the blood.
    This is a must for those with a busy lifestyle and no time to recuperate fully. These modules will give you a head start on the stressful lifestyle and get back some of that lost recuperation.

    Combine this with any of the Innate Systems Workshops and watch your energy explode.

    Watch this space for information on the Specific Skills as they are developed.
    If you need more information, please, press the icon.


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