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Publication: Activation Workshops
Neuro Training

The evolution of Neuro-Training continues with the clarification of the training streams and what effect they are having.

We have been teaching these workshops for nearly eight years and with hundreds of participants reporting back from using the techniques. We know now the common qualities they all have as a group.


With the pressure and lifestyle choices we make takes a huge amount of energy from us. Yet we still have to function at the same level of output. So we end up trying to get the things done with less and less energy and our ability and competence goes down.

What is getting activated...?

Posted by advkin on Monday, 28 de March a las 10:38:41 (7544 reads)
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Publication: Structure- Internal or External and why bother?
Neuro Training

Hey, This is for you.

Yes, you know who you are.

You have been through your 'Burn Out' and done the Re-Hab thing.

Yes Betty showed you how to set up an external structure to remind and anchor your subconscious to anything ordered, and thats a good thing.

That's not all there is.

Why do people regress and fall back into their 'old bad habits' and why is their little if any difference in treatment for those who do fall into the old addictions?

While the structure that has been set up as another habit, works for a little while it is going to take a new habit Internally to correspond with the external solutions before any sense of reality is going to be established.

What am I talking about.....?

Posted by meme on Sunday, 27 de March a las 13:16:02 (117789 reads)
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Survival Code - The Facts of your Life

Survival Code – The Facts

I spoke last time about the Survival Code, a mixture of your genetic preferences inherited from your parents and beyond and the learned responses from life experiences.

I want to expose some of the neurological events that make this important for you to know about.

When we are born our nervous system is nowhere near finished in its development. In fact of all the mammals on the planet, neurologically, humans are born about 16-18 months too early. But there is a real reason for this.

Human neurology places much more attention on the experiential side of neurological training than does other animal neurology. We use life experience as a way of learning how to survive the long term. Animals on the other hand put more emphasis on immediate survival. So they walk within minutes of being born because they don’t need to learn anything new about walking.

You might say that about humans too except that humans use the neurology of walking for many more things than just walking and become so nimble in our ability to move that we can do things with our bodies that most animals cannot.

Our neurological functions learn to be more integrated and intricate than any other on the planet.

Let’s look quickly at the process we evolve through after birth.

Posted by advkin on Monday, 26 de May a las 11:33:34 (7946 reads)
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The underlying cause of Stress and Depression

The Survival Code

How to rewrite this code and save yourself a life of wasted time, energy and stress.

Most of our time is taken up consciously with everyday things which must get done. We are distracted constantly away from those things we are good at and the things that would change our lives into the success we want it to be.

We are overrun with conscious input, most of which we will try to block out anyway. So the subconscious has the job of collecting all the other stuff we don’t want to know about consciously and process it into some form of usable information.

To do this the subconscious categorizes all the input we experience (even if we are not consciously aware of it) and attempts to use it where it can and store it where it can’t. It can be acting on information we are not consciously aware of. In fact, it does this most of the time.

The more we use the subconscious this way the more we invite its other activities to become stronger as well. We mostly do not know what they are either so how much of our life is the way we consciously want it to be?

Pay attention! This is critical information for you to understand your life!!

Posted by advkin on Thursday, 22 de May a las 16:27:14 (151885 reads)
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Publication: What are Innate Systems?
Neuro Training

Discover how the Innate Systems can change how you do life.

Just as the name suggests, the Innate Systems are the inbuilt mechanisms that work systemically to keep us on the path of 'Best Adaption'.

Without these systems we would have a much more dificult job of recuperating, adapting, learning or growing. They are a part of our genetic ancestry in that they are something we all have. We don't all use them exactly the same way but we do have them. We learn how to use them in response to the challenges life throws at us. If we have the right challenges AND we respond to those challenges in the best way, we learn the best lessons in life. If we have crumby challenges we will learn how to respond and train our systems in a crumby way also.

Note: For more information regarding these and other training in Neuro-Training please register and send an internal email to our head office or to info@neuro-training.com.
Posted by advkin on Wednesday, 12 de March a las 05:26:00 (94304 reads)
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