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Neuro-Activation Workshops 2011 from Neuro-Training

Activating Your Executive Brain

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Entrepreneurial training for your mind

Neuro-Activation Workshops 2011
(Including Instructor Training)

Oct 6-9 Sydney, Oct 13-16 Melbourne

We invite you to our latest Activation Training


The theme for this year’s last Intensive Training in Tenerife was 'Activating Your Executive Brain' and relates to techniques needed to activate your, already over loaded Executive Brain (Frontal Lobes).

Taking advantage of the frontal lobe’s abilities to plan, decide and create new ways of thinking as a resource which supports all areas of life.

The area we chose to focus on was the activation of some primary functions of the Executive Brain to help eliminate stress and misperception.

This gives us a great way to deal with changing habitual stress reactions with relatively easy techniques that you can easily follow.

The function of the Executive Brain includes making memory, creative thinking, planning and seeing new ways of doing things.
With its processing of foresight it becomes a natural extension to include vision and its relationship to the Frontal Lobes.

These are general functions, so we are building the opportunity of using new techniques with the frontal lobes and their functions which affect most areas in life, but especially, Business. Even Business though does not describe the relationship between the challenges we have and the frontal lobe’s responses.

A more accurate definition of what we are presenting can be described as the Training of the Entrepreneurial Mind. This is a much more accurate concept and covers more of the functions of the Executive Brain and identifies a greater range of applications. Indeed, the Executive Brain has many parallels between its functions and the needs of the modern entrepreneur.

By demand these workshops will now be run in Australia in October 2011

Activate Your Executive Brain

Activate Your Execute Brain

Specific training for the brain that will extend the ability of the entrepreneur in every area of life.

In the workshop:

* Integrate the Right + Left sides of the brain for stabilizing and creating powerful responses

* Integrating the Head, Brain and Heart for Intelligence, ESP and Intuition

* Connection strategies for creating positive neurological habits

* The use of 80%-20% rule as it applies to the Executive Brain

* Techniques that feed the brain with the energy it needs

* And much more!


Vision Insights

Vision Insights

A group of Neuro techniques aimed at improving the functions of vision.

Techniques that are hands – on and researched specifically to use what is known to work as well as new discoveries in Neuro-Training.

In the workshop:

* Integrate the Right + Left eye to train them to recognise correct responses

* Integrating the Brain and eyes to improve cognitive processing

* Changing the neurological habits that have trained the eyes to distort

* Practical exercises to tie the eyes into understanding what the body is doing

* And much more!


The Remember to Remember Workshop

The Remember to Remember Workshop

Memory is a vital part of brain activity and needs the integration of external and internal stimuli. This workshop will show you how to activate the circuits which support the memory functions and how to direct those circuits to perform in a superior way.

In the workshop:

* Techniques for the activation of creating powerful short and long term memories for supporting other   brain functions

* Exercises for accommodation of memory actions

* Balancing memory as a whole brain function in combination with specific brain areas

* Yes and there's more!

You are welcome to look through the web pages to get a list of the topics you will learn from each workshop. Take one if you have a specific challenge to overcome or take all of them to give yourself and your life the best possible opportunity to be a great experience.

Instructor Training Workshop

An opportunity is being offered to instructors of Neuro-Training Workshops to attend the Instructor Training for these Workshops. The same offer is extended to Trainers in Sydney on the 9th October and in Melbourne on the 16th October.

The prerequisite for the Instructor Training is to have completed the full workshops previously, (in Sydney or Tenerife).
This will qualify existing instructors with Neuro-Training to teach these three new Activation Workshops.

Feel free to contact us at Neuro-Training (more information at “What is Neuro-Training”) if you have any questions as to which
Activation Workshop/s may be the solution to your challenges.

Andrew Verity.
Director Neuro-Training



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