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Survival Code - 4 Defenses

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

- Physical Defences

“We are so good at defending that even when there is nothing to defend against, we create something to defend to – to justify the need to defend!” Andrew Verity.

Built into our genetic system are 4 basic defense responses that can be activated in an instant. They are acute defense reactions to anything that we perceive is threatening us. There is no warning and most of the time we don’t even know we are doing them.

These ‘mini-defenses’ become habitual responses, as are most of our life behaviors, and condition our behaviors instinctively towards survival.

I will spend some time on each one as they have their own peculiarities and modes of operating.

#1 - ‘Physical Defense’.

This is a structural and neurological reaction to being threatened. It can be a threat from any source but I am not talking about the threat here, I am talking about a type of reaction to it.

This defense controls our physical ability to the point where it deforms your structure into a reactive machine. Adaption in this state is impossible because of the dysfunction created by this defense.

Its effect ranges from changing the position of the first vertebra (Atlas) to changing the hip function which leaves us with a ‘Short Leg’. This will of course, create many stability and coordination problems.

Some professionals are taught and still believe you cannot change a short leg. While their belief remains unchanged, our evidence that firstly most people have a short leg and secondly that these can be changed, is just as unchanging.

It is true if the actual bone length is different from one side to the other that the leg length will not change. Perhaps as a result of surgery or accident that damaged the bone, sometimes even from birth there is a ‘congenital’ short leg. And the percentage of people in this category compared to the numbers of people who show a short leg is so small that we hardly ever see the ‘true short leg’ people. Probably because they are told they can’t change it anyway?

While you are ‘stuck’ in this physical defense response your muscle coordination is compromised, your thinking is not as clear as it should be and the reflex systems in your body cannot work well or together at all. What we normally do under stress circumstances is to use our cognitive processing to compensate. But this defence has forced the nervous system into distorting our body and the information our brain is getting is not a true picture of how the world really is.

If we get signals from the eyes telling us one thing and a different set of signals from the body, the brain will tend to choose the process that has the highest neurological value. So it will believe the eye information. But that means it won’t change the body position and we end up with coordination and spacial orientation problems. If the defense stays ‘ON’ these problems can become chronic. In other words accident prone!

As well as the complications above, this defense slows down your recuperation ability. You may have an accident from being in this defense (very common) and then not be able to recuperate properly.

The increased potential for physical dysfunction is amazingly high.

If you activate your ‘Physical Survival Code’ during a sports event, it is most likely you will damage yourself either internally because of the internal neurological confusion or externally by creating a physical accident thereby hurting yourself and or others.

Here is a short list of indicators of the Physical Defense Response:




Blurred Vision

Pain in the neck

Pain in the sacrum and lower back area

Stiffness of spine

Painful knees

Painful ankles

Joint pain

Shifting pains

Discomfort sitting or standing still

Inability to get comfortable in bed

Recurring sports injuries

Lack of coordination

Bumping into objects

Misjudging steps

Desire to keep still

Different reactions to change of temperature

Painful joints on change of weather

Constant back pain in pregnant women

Postural changes for no obvious reason

And, yes, this is the short list.

One of the first things we look for in Neuro-Training are the 4 Defenses and reset them to the off position. But this is just clearing the acute reactions. We then look for the underlying Survival Code components that are activating these mini-defenses.

Of course this works well in the physical area but their flow-on effect means that emotions and thinking can become clear again too.

The physical defense has to be reset by a sequence of physical reflexes. Together with awakening specific physical responses at the right time will reset the defense but also the leg length and all other compensations that are being acted out.

Look for the next article on the Survival Code - #2 Emotional Defense

Andrew Verity