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Survival Code – ‘Mental’ Defence

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

A wonderful story was written by Hans Christian Anderson called “The Shadow”. The star of the story is the theme for this article. The shadow began to have its own life, its own desires and eventually to over the life of the man who had the shadow.

The shadow took his money, his wife, his pleasures and turned them into ruins. It was a fatal story until the man realized he could take back his life.

Carl Yung had an equivalent ‘Shadow’ he referred to as the Alter (negative) Ego. In our work in Neuro-Training we spend some time dealing with this very powerful mental defence and call it the ‘Negative Self’.

It’s a very interesting event in human neurology to realize that you can’t find a solution to something you think you should have a solution for. Babies are the centre of the universe until they reach somewhere around 30 years old. Seriously, children are ego centric until about 7 years old where they start to accept there are other opinions they need to pay attention to.

During those early years or even in utero, there comes a time when the child experiences a state where they believe they should be in control but can’t be at the same time. This creates in them a great fear and possible pain or even fear of pain.

It becomes the motivation to do something drastic to find a solution to this situation. Their solution is drastic but common to all humans. They create Another Self to take the pain and or fear and leave them free from the dreaded shame of not being able to find an answer.

The result is a perception of another self that is an exact reproduction of them. It has to be to take on the pain and fear so completely as to leave none of it for the person. The new self takes on the pain and fear and stress and whatever else it has to, to alleviate the trauma.
(No matter how small it may be).

The person feels better and therefore has found a solution to the trauma. Ah success, but at what cost?

While we are small the ‘Other Self’ is also small. But as we get more skilled at being stressed and fearful, it becomes stronger to deal with the extra pain. It gets bigger, more aggressive and at some point will start exercising its ability to make you do what it wants.

You see, this other self has a reason for living, to take your pain and stress and fear. It must have these things to justify its existence so if you don’t give it enough of these things it will motivate you to do something that will create more of these. Its energy is stress its diet is the Fear and Pain cocktail.

Just think of someone in your life where everything seems to be going along just fine, then, !BANG! everything falls apart. Isn’t that strange? Ever wondered how the subconscious of a person would do that when things are great?

Well the other self, now stronger and more powerful, is rightfully called the Negative Self because of all the negativity it can and will produce to have something to live on.

Your negative self knows what you know, it shares the same subconscious and it has access to your worst nightmares. It can manipulate you through fear, it can create wonderful things in your life so it can take them away later. It does this to keep a minimum store of negative energy to live on.

In our Advanced Neuro-Training workshops we teach a process that destroys the Negative Self and allows all that stored energy to be freed for the use of the person.

Your negative self does NOT want you to know it is there.

Even if it s very strong, it will ever openly show itself unless it thinks you will not be alerted to its presence.

Want to know why?

It knows you made it, and it also knows you are the only one who can destroy it. And destroy it you must. Just visualizing its destruction is not enough, there must be a neurological change to ultimately remove its affect.

It starts out as a figment of your imagination. We find references for it in our chromosomes, we then connect it to our fear spiral (see the article on Fear Spiral) and eventually feed it with the accumulated stress we produce over time.

Sounds all a bit way out doesn’t it? Yet I have witnessed with my own eyes, little old ladies throwing fully grown adult men around the room as if they were made of cotton. Of course, it wasn’t the little old lady but her Negative Self that was doing all the work. This was during a workshop aimed at destroying the Negative Egos of the attendees.

A negative self is a master of defense and will use anything to defend itself, even from being discovered by you.

We take our students through a three stage process to destroy the Negative Self safely and effectively. The last stage of this process is to visualize the Negative Self and destroy it so it can never come back. But even at this stage of the process it still knows what you know and will try to deceive you into believing something it can use to escape destruction.

Some examples; A women was looking for her negative self in her visualization. She came through the whole process believing she had no negative self to destroy. When I asked what she did see, she replied “only a little baby in a crib. That couldn’t be my negative self”.

I took her back into the visualization and told her to take the mask off the baby. She was horrified by what she saw and realized it was the negative self and she was then able to destroy it completely.

Another example was a women had ‘destroyed’ her negative and afterwards had developed and ‘Fairy’ that sat on her left shoulder telling her things to do or not do. Ideas that never worked out and sometimes things that were straight dangerous. I told her to go back into the visualization and destroy the ‘Fairy’. She did and reported afterward more energy and clearer thinking. (The fairy hasn’t been seen since)

I have many, many stories about what happened when people were attempting to destroy their negative selves.

The fact is that your Negative Self is a crucial factor to your success in life. It has to go and it has to be done properly. Once you are free of your major negative self, there could be smaller ones develop later, especially of you leave your Survival Code active. This is the fastest way to create a new Negative Self.

After the destruction people report a range of changes from more energy, better thinking, motivated again and a million other adjectives to describe what happened. What really happened is you went back to being normal.

It’s unfortunate but true that while someone has an active Negative Self, they are not real people. Most people you do business with are probably not real people. Some you can identify easily as having dominant negative selves and others are more subtle. Until you and your associates have taken steps to destroy their Negative Self, there will always be the potential for something or someone to go terribly wrong.

The good news is that when it’s gone, you can celebrate the freedom that comes from being yourself. Productivity increases, changes occur that would never have happened otherwise and finally but not least, you get to find out who you really are again.

Look for Blueprint One workshop from Neuro-Training. Its here we train your brain to be able to destroy the negative self completely.


Andrew Verity

Sunday, July 6th, 2008
The underlying cause of your Stress Anxiety and Depression

The Survival Code

How you can crack your Survival Code and save yourself a life of wasted time, energy and stress.

Most of your time is taken up consciously with everyday things which must get done. You are distracted constantly away from those things you are good at and the things that would change your life into the success you want it to be.

You are overrun with conscious input, most of which you’ll try to block out anyway. So your subconscious has the job of collecting all the other stuff you don’t want to know about consciously and process it into some usable form.

To do this your subconscious categorizes all the input you experience (even if you are not consciously aware of it) and attempts to use it where it can and store it where it can’t. It can be acting on information you are not consciously aware of. In fact, it does this most of the time.

The more you use the subconscious this way the more you invite its other activities to become stronger as well. You mostly do not know what they are either so; how much of your life is the way you consciously want it to be?

Pay attention! This is critical information for you to understand your life!!

There are some things you have to know about your subconscious!

· The subconscious runs most of what you do

· It pays close attention to what your genes are telling it

· It must survive and reproduce

· It always does the best it can to help you be better

· It can only use what it has, not what you wish it had

· If you don’t tell it what you want in the way it understands it will use what it has

· It is literal and tries to make everything simple

· It will take action before you even know there is a problem

The most important of these for our discussion now is that the subconscious must survive,
because it wants you to survive. You die, it dies.

For it to survive it has created what I call a ‘Survival Code’.

This is a mixture of genetic references and the learned behaviors you develop through your life events and experiences.

I can hear you say, “It’s good to survive isn’t it?”

And the answer is: “You have already survived! You can stop doing that now and do what your survival was preparing you for – Living!!!”

Too much of your life is spent on surviving at a subconscious level while life and the things you want slip away from you, without even noticing till it’s too late.

The Survival Code is like having two full-time jobs.

One is to survive and mobilize all the resources needed to make that survival successful, while at the same time you have a life to lead with its own demands and pressures. If you had two full-time jobs, you would be dead in a week. Yet in fact, we all have two jobs to do and some people will tell you they feel they have more than two.

The big challenge is that while we are doing survival, we cannot do many other things. The resources you use up doing survival are no longer available for the things you want in life.

Why is it a Code?

The subconscious has formed a ‘recipe’ of all the main components of the events that were threatening to you at some time in life. The more threatening the event, the more components of that event get put into your library of “Survival Facts”.

You have different ‘Facts’ you use to know when you are under threat. The problem is, you don’t know consciously which are survival facts and which are just memories. You could start remembering some event and end up getting really stressed from just remembering a threatening event. The event is not here and now but your subconscious starts to react to it as if it was real and now.

Your resources are mobilized to survive the threat via a genetic based reaction called the
Fight-Flight-Faint response. This is how you survive based on your own experience.
The command to survive is a standing (ongoing) order from the genes.

While you are doing Flight-Fight-Faint response you are preoccupied and cannot put 100% attention to what you want to be doing.

The Survival Code guarantees you will focus on survival regardless of anything else you are doing or want to do. Even this by itself is still something you can overcome, but when you make this genetic based survival response a Habit, you lose the game!

Everyone has a different code but they are all built the same way by the genes. The genetic information is at the base of the code so you need to rewrite the code in a way the subconscious thinks comes from the genes. We have some cools ways to do that.

It is a mixture of a genetic based reaction to threat and the information you have accumulated over time to build up your ‘Facts’ of survival.

Crack the code and you set yourself free.

You rewrite the code by changing your neurological reactions to stress while consciously directing your attention to ‘Changing the Facts’.

One of the assumptions you make about any fact,
is that that are real and unchangeable.

That, in neurological terms, is untrue. You can replace or associate new Facts with any life experience. It then becomes crucial for the change process to be accepted, that the way you make the new associations must be recognizable by the subconscious as a valid genetic process. You can do just that and I will show you how in this book.

The Facts are usually life events that you did not like or that were not good for your natural development. When a young baby is taken away from its mother, it will become more and more distressed until something tells it “You could die”. The response will become stronger over time and the code becomes stronger.

Meet your best friend - Your Nervous System.

Your Nervous System has connections to every part of who you are and can respond to any stimulus. It constantly monitors changes and is connected to systems that can be used to read those changes.

It can be used as a feedback tool to know when you are heading in the right direction with the change process and indicate when a change of action is needed. It’s like having a spy inside the subconscious that will tell information if you push the right button.

Using the Nervous System to monitor cracking the Survival Code, we have to also look at the Brain.
The brain is a mixture of Nervous System, Mind and Genetics all in one integrated package.

If someone gave you one hundred million neurons and said, “Here, go design a Brain.”

What would you do? You certainly could not reproduce what you use now and even scientists who make it their job to know how it works, still don’t understand everything it can do.
But the subconscious does!

The brain is made of various divisions that seem to compete for the ‘user rights’ to lots of different types of information. It is alive and not unlike a muscle, in that if you don’t use it, some of its functions are sacrificed so the activity you are practicing can become better.

The two sides of the brain have learned to develop certain functions different to each other. They attempt to coordinate as much as possible but when the Survival Code is activated only the left hemisphere initiates actions. Some parts of the brain are activated to help the survival take place while other parts are inhibited, either so they can’t interfere or it is not economical to have them running when survival seems more important.

There is a very specific action the brain takes when the Survival Code is activated. It firstly slows done your ‘Corpus Callosum’, the connecting bridge between the two hemispheres by changing the chemistry of the area. Secondly it shuts down other ‘unwanted’ activities and thirdly it preserves energy for the survival rather than thinking of planning.

Let’s face it. If you are about to be eaten by a dinosaur you don’t need the part required for future planning to take over and create a conversation with the animal to convince it that “maybe eating you isn’t such a good idea in the long term”.

A lot of blood is mobilized into the muscles of your body to fight or flight, while some parts of the brain remain empty other parts are needed to control the fight flight process.

Even though this is an ancient survival action it has been evolved to be the most efficient. So when you see the dinosaur you immediately activate your Survival Code which sets in place a series of neurological events that try to keep you alive.

Well it’s pretty easy to see how surviving a dinosaur could be necessary, but what about all the other things you need to survive?. Some are inherited because of the nature of the evolution of the survival mechanism, but most are collected experiences that you have been through and that your nervous system has learned about.

These learned ‘FACTS’ are stored in your ‘Survival Code’ and used to alert the Fight-Flight mechanism to activate. The code is unique to each individual and yet uses the same genetic responses to act out its primary need – survival.

What if there is a ‘Fact’ in your code that says “TAXATION”. Then anything you associate with taxation can start up the Survival Code and your subconscious immediately goes into survival mode. The dinosaur you could run from or fight but what do you do with a letter from the taxation dept. Do you fight it? Run from it? Pretend it’s not there (the modern version of ‘faint’). None of these options make the threat go away.

So now you have a survival mechanism in action but no way for it to be effective. Therefore less chance to turn it off again. Usually the survival mechanism will reset after a good fight or run and the hormones and blood changes that take place during the survival activity are put back ready to survive the next threat.

It could be worse!

Another thing to consider is that if the mechanism is not reset, it becomes a constant action that is never turned off. This means that you are on alert all the time for ANYTHING that may be associated with any type of threat.

Now the subconscious is constantly looking for what the threat may be because its Survival Code is still activated. Anything can now become the focus of the survival response. The effect of this is commonly seen as ‘stress’. Even just asking someone how they are today out of courtesy, may be met with an angry response.

Stress reactions are a signal that the Survival Code is active and needs to be reset.

Until its reset, you will continue to be stressed and reactive.

If allowed to continue, this situation can and will create more problems than need to be there.

The solution is inside you

The subconscious is so adaptable that you can use it to tell you what it needs via the nervous system. By using the systems connected to the Nervous System we have been able to find ways of associating new and better options to what your subconscious thinks it knows. Adding new information into the subconscious this way means you have control over what you rewrite and the process of how you do it ensures the subconscious sees it as important as the old ‘Code’.

That means you can reset the code and even better, rewrite its content so that no further stress reactions take place unless your life really is threatened.

By doing this, your brain can maintain many of the functions that would otherwise be turned off and use them to create new options to what before seemed like an impossible situation. These parts of the brain are needed to input new information into the Survival Code to eliminate unnecessary information that has found its way into the Code.

It’s like being able to do a spring clean of the subconscious so it can focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want.


Andrew Verity

PS. Watch for solutions to retraining your Nervous System in Stress Relief Strategies Revealed book from