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Survival Code - Hidden Disability

Survival Code - The Hidden Disability

Welcome to this instalment of the Survival Code Series of articles.

I want you to read this excerpt from an article I found last May, it’s a perfect example of what’s going wrong in the fight to overcome stress.

Paediatric Bipolar Disorder a neurological disorder that influences mood, energy, thinking and behaviour. Unlike adults, who experience episodes of distinct “highs” and “lows,” many children with the disorder have an ongoing, continuous mood disturbance that is a mix of mania and depression. This produces chronic irritability and few periods of wellness or clearly discernible episodes. Moreover, since many children with bipolar disorder have other psychiatric disorders such as ADHD it is difficult for parents and clinicians to clearly see distinct episodes of mania or depression. Many children with this disorder exhaust their self-control during the school day and therefore exhibit this much more aggressive behaviour in the relative safety and privacy of the home.”

Pay particular attention to the section in red/bold as it highlights one of the most confounding and basic arguments that support the confusion around Stress and what it does! Mania, depression, stress and anxiety are all related and are NOT psychiatric disorders.

They are neurological dysfunction based on the same reproducible mechanism – the need to defend with no proper way of doing it.

The assumption (making an ass-of u-and me) here is that there are DIFFERENT problems because there seems to be different symptom groups. Yet this article also infers that that is a problem because not all children fall clearly into one or another category.

Instead of looking AT what is THERE, they try to interpret the symptoms based on conveniently placed labels placed by people who are more concerned with the reputation rather than their clients.

In today’s age of intelligence and technological and neuro-scientific research, I find it amazing that this type of accepted ignorance continues to be the basis of thinking among health professionals.

Of course they can’t ‘place’ these children into one or another category because they are all different but share common symptoms. It seems to me that to look at the process behind the symptoms would provide more useful results regardless of the label placed on the person.

That is why I am writing this series of articles on Your Survival Code. Each of us has stress reactions but what happens inside us is basically the same but expressed according to what we have learned in life. When I say “we” I mean what our ‘Nervous System’ has learned in life.

The Hidden Disability, the heading of the article, attracted my attention because it points to the very solution for all stress related syndromes (their term not mine).

It is not the childhood experience here that is the ‘hidden disability’; the true disability is the acceptance of false thinking as true and our inability to see that.

If we started to think about the internal neurological habit of creating stress reactions instead of creating new options and choices, we would see very quickly that the mechanism behind all this type of dysfunction are all related.

Therefore the solutions we also be related.

Of course there will be nuances between different people but the underlying solution is to train the nervous system to stop using the same defense response for everything it encounters.

This is exactly what we do in Neuro-Training. We prepare the person to be able to function differently NOT by trying to change their beliefs because with the right evidence they will do that anyway. Rather we attempt to change how the nervous system and subconscious do things. We remind the subconscious that it can use the genetics to function better and more efficiently.

One of the end results we find in our approach and is a sign of recuperation is that people start to become more competent in whatever they do. Even without consciously training more, they get better at what they do.

Think of this in terms of health first. The ability to organize what’s happening internally is the first step to achieving the success you want on the outside.

Then relationships will change as you start to become more congruent in yourself and with others.

Eventually all you will have to do is THINK of something and it will happen. Our subconscious is a generator of some amazing abilities. As soon as we can drop the defense and resistance to change and the things we are afraid of, we will find that those things we think we can’t have are there as soon as we stop denying them to ourselves.

This needs to be done at a neurological level First! Not a conscious (read therefore defensive) level.

Change your direction

What we need is to change the direction of our thinking with an objective view towards the HOW we do what we do not the subjective WHY we do what we do.

In Neuro-Training we look specifically at the ‘How you do’ what you do and train the nervous system to create better experiences to draw from. It will always use the best it has for you so we encourage it to create even better options for itself.

Get away from Plausible Thinking and start practicing Discerning Thinking.

Remember you always have a choice to think about something in a different way but you don’t always have the neurological patterns to support those choices. We help you to create the ability to live out those choices.

Keep watching the website as we change it to best suit your needs. Enjoy.


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