Neuro-Training | meme | 03 de Sep de 2006 [ 03:48 PM ]
Hello and welcome to the NT Blog. For many of you NT will be a new concept but in fact you have probably experienced some of the components of NT already.

In the future I will be defining NT more specifically but for now you can think of it as training exercises for your nervous system.
Considering the huge number of activities your nervous system controls, thats a lot of exercise. well not really, you see with the research and developments in the 'human' sciences over the last 20 years there has been tremendous development of our understanding AND application of this knowledge has lead to what we now call Neuro-Training.

I'll leave this notice with this thought.
All your life you have been conditioned to respond in certain ways. These have accumulated over the years to the point where you are now the person you are because of your conditioning. This conditioning cames in two main forms, the genetic material with all of its quirks and fancies and the second is your own learned reactions to life's challenges. In all of your experiences it has been your nervous system that learned how to carry out those responses and reinforce them as habitual behaviours.

So we know how to retrain your nervous system to change that conditioning. Interesting stuff isn't it?

Keep watching this space as I expand on this at a later date.

Bye for now

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